2017 Study Group

***UPDATE ***Interested applicants will be contacted after New Years. Interviews will be held the week of January 9, 2017. Classes to start on Sunday February 5, 2017. Please see our Facebook page for more details.***


**Plans are in the works to offer a Study Group in the new calendar year, January 2017. We will post more as information becomes available. Applications will be available once the study group is in place.

We apologize, we do not keep wait lists**


Frequently asked questions about the Study Group:

Who is Firestone Coven?
Firestone Coven is a British Traditional Coven with dual lineage in both the Gardnerian (Whitecroft Line) and Alexandrian Traditions. We have been an established Coven since September 2001, located in Ottawa, Canada.

What kind of training does Firestone Coven provide?
Firestone Coven is a British Traditional Coven and so the Study Group offers training in British Traditional Wicca. The Study Group gathers on a bi-weekly basis with a 24 lesson course. Our study group is one-on-one or in a group setting, and we do not offer a long distance correspondence course.

Does joining the Study Group mean I’ve joined the Coven?
No. The Study Group is for a finite period of time. The Study Group is not a Coven, and is separate from Firestone Coven.

Who can apply to the Study Group?
You must be over 21 years or age, have your own transportation, and live in the Ottawa region. Potential students must not be students of another Wiccan or Pagan teaching group,or coven.

Why do I have to be over 21 years of age?
Every group has rules. “Being young and interested in Paganism and/or Wicca is tough. Tough on you, your parents, and tough on the people who can teach you. Being young puts us, the teachers, in quite a position. Unfortunately, thanks to Hollywood and European history, Paganism and Wicca have been given a very bad, undeserving reputation. Because this image has been imposed on it, it is risky for any reputable Canadian pagan group/coven, individual, or organization to teach young people under the age of eighteen without their parent’s knowledge and approval.” (with thanks to the PFPC) Firestone Coven has decided that the age of 21 is their rule. There are no exceptions, please don’t ask.

How much does it cost to join the Study Group?
There is no monetary cost to joining the Study Group. Occasionally students will be asked to contribute incense, candles, feast food. Students will occasionally be provided with photocopies; donations to offset the cost of the photocopies are appreciated but are not mandatory.

How do I apply to join the Study Group?
Potential students apply in writing or e-mail stating name, phone number, age, interests, knowledge or experience (if any) relating to Wicca or Paganism, and expectations from this course. We will contact everyone who applies.

Will I be initiated into Firestone Coven after I finish the Study Group?
Not necessarily. Initiation is neither promised, nor a right, neither is it a badge of completion. Once the study group is completed, you will hopefully have sufficient knowledge to decide what path is right for you. Initiations are decided by the High Priestess and High Priest of each Coven or group. Individual standards may vary from group to group. You may ask for initiation into Firestone Coven, and the members of Firestone Coven will vote on the matter.

Will I need a robe?
Yes, black in colour. Occasionally we will be doing rituals, or you may be invited to Firestone Coven for an Esbat or Sabbat. The Study Group will work robed, as it is not a Coven.

Where and when will the Study Group be held?
Time and place is discussed during the interview process.

What is expected of me as a student?
If you have children, it is expected you will have a regular babysitter.
Students are expected to show up on time. If you are unable to attend on a given night you must inform the teacher.
Students who are absent for more than 3 classes without notification will be removed.
Students are expected to complete any homework assigned.
Confidentiality is required and expected. Students are not to “out” anyone taking the study group and are asked to maintain confidentiality in regards to the study group course and content.
It is the student’s responsibility to approach the Teacher if any of the above statements is unclear.

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Merry Meet!

Merry Meet!

We are a Traditional Coven located in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, carrying a dual Gardnerian (Whitecroft)/Alexandrian lineage. Formed in September 2001, we occasionally offer training in the Gardnerian/Alexandrian tradition.

We are quite active on our Facebook page. Check us out.

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